Terry Tripp

  • Is a husband who loves and honors his wife, Kim
  • Is a father of three girls (Rose, Lacey and Isabella)
  • Is an author and teacher of The Word.
  • Authored best-selling book entitled, SHUT THE HELL UP, which is impacting this generation with the message of faith in a radical way.
  • Began traveling and singing with his family (The Laverne Tripp Family) at age three.
  • Recorded his first music project at age five.
  • Was seen weekly by millions of people over TBN for 20 years.
  • Graduated from Faith Is The Victory Bible College at age 23 (1997), under the teaching ministry of Pastor Charles Cowan.
  • Is a frequent guest speaker on all major Christian TV Networks.
  • Has authored seven books.
  • Has released seven solo music projects. 
  • Has the covering of a local church (The Fireplace Fellowship)
  • Has shared the stage with Donnie McClurkin, Carman, Alvin Slaughter, Vicki Winans and many more.
  • Was a guest at Believers’ Conference in Sunrise, FL. Hosted by The Faith Center. Other speakers included: Dr. Kenneth Copeland, Dr. Creflo Dollar and Bishop Henry Fernandez.
  • Mentors others who have a passion and call to work in ministry.

profilepicMillions of people are familiar with the ministry of Terry Tripp through his family, The Laverne Tripp Family. They traveled and sang together for more than 20 years on Television, radio and live appearances. While with his family, Terry saw over 600,000 people make the decision to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

At age 38, Terry Tripp has a passion for The Word. That passion carries him all over the world, approximately 85,000 miles a year, speaking to a wide variety of audiences. His wife, Kim, and three daughters, Rose, Lacey and Isabella support the Passion. He carries the message of Faith, Hope and Victory. Everywhere he goes, people experience an empowerment from God to live victoriously!  

Favorite food: "My wife's steaks. Mexican and Seafood."
Favorite movies: "Gladiator, Brave heart and National Treasure."
Favorite authors: "Andrew Wommack and Gregory Boyd"
Favorite music: "80s... definitely."
Favorite books: "In addition to the Bible, Is God to blame?, You've already got it, so quit trying to get it, and Repenting of religion."
Favorite youtube videos: "All things Blimeycow. Below are a couple of their videos. These guys are awesome."